We Produce

A. Tyre Retread and Tyre Repair Related Product

  • Camelback Rubber Compound (kompon karet untuk proses vulkanisir ban)
  • Precured Tread Kiner (Karet untuk proses vulkanisir ban sistem dingin)
  • Cushion Gum
  • Extrudes Rope Rubber (Untuk type repairing and tyre retreading)
  • Orbitread Rubber Compound
  • Head Pad Rubber Compound (untuk repairing heating pad)
  • Side Wall Veneer  (Kompon Tipisan)
  • Etc

B. Engineered Technical Rubber

  • Oil Seal
  • Rubber Roller
  • Suction Cup (Pneumatic Accesories Parts)
  • Conical Bonded Rubber Spring (Railway vehicle Application)
  • Journal Spring (Railway vehicle Application)
  • Rubber Butter (Railway vehicle Application)
  • Grease Seal (Railway vehicle Application)
  • Flexibel Coupling (Railway vehicle Application)
  • Brake Cylinder Cup Seal (Railway vehicle Application)
  • Castable Polyurethane Product
  • Etc